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about the show

When Josie and Daniel met in 2015, the thought of podcastin' about Tom Hanks was merely a dream. But after years of talkin' themselves out of it they've officially joined forces, united by one common goal: to watch every Tom Hanks film. Each episode is a celebration of Mr. Hank's career, startin' from the very beginning. Join them as they discuss everything they can about each film. It's a mix of comedy, legitimate analysis, and whole lot of respect for Tom's ability to truly develop a character. Just two fans, doin' what they'd normally be doin', but this time they're sharin' it with the world,

Episodes are released bi-monthly, with bonus mini episodes to come.

Talkin Tom Final 800x800.jpg

Josie Vorenkamp

Josie is a freelance reality television producer who's been a fan of Tom Hanks since she watched Sleepless in Seattle for the first time in high school. She might not know a lot of his movies, but she's bringing her adoration of Tom to the show, along with a healthy sense of skepticism and a knack for finding plot holes. In her spare time she runs a baking blog called Sugar & Satire, where she's been known to publish an essay or two about her love of Mr. Hanks himself.

IG: @josievorenkamp


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Daniel Ott

Daniel is a filmmaker and cinema obsessive who’s love for Tom Hanks is as steadfast as his love for the silver screen.  When not habituating the local cineplex, he works a variety of production roles in Los Angeles.

IG: @danielott 

Twitter: @thatdanielott