001 | BIG

Episode Summary

On the BIG first episode of Talkin’ Tom, Josie and Daniel sit down to chat about what is arguably one of Mr. Hanks’ most beloved roles. In the 1988 film, Tom plays Josh Baskin, a 13 year old boy who one day wakes up as a 30 year old man. Josie and Daniel take the time to talk all about the classic film as well as set up what is sure to be the greatest podcast exclusively about Tom Hanks’ filmography.

Is BIG secretly a horror movie about the depressing realities of adult life? Is Tom Hanks a legitimate fashion icon? Are we more Susan or more Josh? All these answers and more! Your wish has been granted.

Do you have a memory about a Tom Hanks movie you'd like to share? Head on over to the "Talk Tom 2 Us" section to submit your stories! You can also find us on all your favorite social platforms with the handle @podhankstomcast.

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